Highway Records proudly presents its first split EP, epic release by Italian talent Francys (Time Has Changed, Resopal, Composite) and respected Russian producer Andrey Burtaev, mostly known under his Electrosoul System alias. "Crossing The White Line" and "Dont So No" are 2 brilliant house tracks - deep, dark and twisted.Remixes are made by famous German artists, chart breakers and deep house men of the moment - 8Bit and Katchuli Records owner Gorge and Chris Lattner (Moon Harbour, Kling Klong, NRK, Tsuba, Baalsaal).

Francys, Andrey Burtaev

Gorge, Chris Lattner, Karina Jun

Crossing The White Line / Dont S

Release date:
Deep House
Francys - Crossing The White Line
Gorge, Francys - Crossing The White Line
Andrey Burtaev - Dont So No
Chris Lattner, Andrey Burtaev, Karina Junker - Dont So No