Highway Records continues the journey into quality house music. HWD15 is presented by Azamat Murzaev aka Agraba - one of the most talented Russian producers, based on the South of country. Agraba is known for his massive dancefloor bombs, released on such labels as Twisted Frequency, KDB and Mylo Recordings.Release is completed with remixes by Den Ishu (Noir Music, Supernature, Area Remote), iO (Rejected, Diynamic, Mulen Records) and Asaga (Dextrous Records).


Den Ishu, iO (Mulen), Asaga


Release date:
Tech House
Agraba - iMerica
Agraba, Den Ishu - iMerica
Agraba, iO (Mulen) - iMerica
Agraba, Asaga - iMerica