Highway Records proudly presents debut album by one of the most talented Russian deep house artists Andrey Kadomtsev aka BarBQ. Andrey is mostly known for his releases on Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly, Mr. C's Superfreq and Sebastian Davidson's Nightbird Music, as well as for remix collaborations with such artists as Solomun, Terry Lee Brown Junior and Dirt Crew, to name a few. BarBQ's first track Myself (also included this album), released back in the days, became classics and was included in CD compilations by Dubfire, The Timewriter and many more. Many Days is a perfect 14 tracks LP, full of beautiful melodies, melancholy and romance. True masterpiece.


Many Days

Release date:
Electronica / Downtempo
BarBQ - To All the Loved Ones
BarBQ - Holding Your Breath
BarBQ - She Left But Promised to Be Back
BarBQ - Morning Jogging
BarBQ - Maria
BarBQ - Outbreaks of the City At Night
BarBQ - The Sea and Tranquility
BarBQ - Rita in Space
BarBQ - On the Path to Nowhere
BarBQ - Inability to Speak
BarBQ - For Nothing
BarBQ - Myself
BarBQ - Many Days
BarBQ - Rita and Guitar