HIGHWAY RECORDS PRESENTSMILESTONE ONEHighway Records, established in 2008 and run by Mike Spirit, is Moscow-based techno/house label which unites talented Russian sound producers and top notch artists from all over the world.Milestone One is a selection of the best tracks released on Highway Records over the past three years, including production by Gui Boratto, Robert Babicz, Da Fresh, Kolombo, Jim Rivers, Tom Pooks, F.E.X, SCSI-9, Monaque, iO and WestBoy, Bvoice and KHz, Tripmastaz and many more. The special gift for all Highway supporters is an exclusive track by Freska (Traum, Darkroom Dubs, Stil Vor Talent) called "Masquerade", which will be released as vinyl single later this year.

Vadim Lankov, Seva K, SCSI-9, Pr

Tom Pooks, El Farouki, Da Fresh,

Milestone One

Release date:
Tech House
Tom Pooks, El Farouki, Vadim Lankov - Start The Trip
Da Fresh, Seva K - Far Away
SCSI-9, Gui Boratto - Tierra Del Fuego
Robert Babicz, Pr. Morriarti - Mystic Smile
Kolombo, Nikitin - Gorod Theme
BarBQ - My Pink Motor Boat
Jim Rivers, Monaque - Butterfly
BVoice, Khz, WestBoy, iO (Mulen) - Hoerle UI
F.E.X., Tripmastaz - Meditation
Freska - Masquerade