Milestone Six (Compiled by Mike Spirit & Spieltape) Various Artists
  • Release Date 17 Feb 2017
  • Catalogue HWD74
Doyeq - Imagination (Original Mix)
Neonis - Lexicon (Original Mix)
Sahar Z - Side Caution (Original Mix)
Peter Makto & Gregory S - Aliga (Original Mix)
Anturage & Montechi - Celebration (Original Mix)
Dave Pad - Rotary Body (Wyro Remix)
Modd - Attaxia (Original Mix)
Alexey Emelyanov - The Moment (Original Mix)
Wyro - Blur Mode (Original Mix)
Echonomist - Kubrick Thursdays (Dave Pad Remix)
Datamode - Exaltation (Original Mix)
Monkey Fish - Pink Panther (Original Mix)
  • Marco Carola Music On
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • LTJ Bukem
    Great comp, most are my favs from you guys over the past couple of years
  • Eelke Kleijn DAYS like NIGHTS
    Couple of great tracks here. Nice work!
  • Eelke Kleijn DAYS like NIGHTS
    Couple of great tracks here. Nice work!
  • LouLou Players LouLou Records / Bunny Tiger / Belgium
    Aliga and Exaltation are the ones for me!
    Thanks a lot for the promo
  • Da Fresh Freshin, Toolroom, 1605, Suara
    Few great tracks ! Support.
  • Just Her Suara
    Love the Sahar Z track
  • Dan Noёl Wavetech Music
    Great V/a thanks a lot for this package.
  • Serge Devant
    lots of fun stuff here
  • Vanilla Ace Toolroom, Night Bass, Spinnin Deep, Bunny Tiger, Nurvous, Suara
    Downloading for VA
  • FreakMe Get Physical Music / Noir Music
    Thanks for the music! :)
  • Spieltape Highway Records, Moodmusic, Get Physical
  • Sirus Hood Cuff, Dirtybird
    download for sirus hood
  • Marc Poppcke Crossfrontier Audio, Last Night On Earth
    Massive compilation! Thanks for sending!
  • Francys Poker Flat, Aeon, Soulfooled
    sarah z and monkey fish's tracks are my choice here!
  • Pingpong
    1st pick "Datamode - Exalation" - marvelous compilation overall !!
  • Balcazar & Sordo Get Physical, Hot Waves
    Great compilation!
  • Xenia Beliayeva
    Thank you, very nice tracks inside!
  • Iván Micciché Delta FM 90,3
    Cool VA!!
  • Loverdose Nurvous
  • Monkey Fish Highway Records / Kazantip Music / Akbal Music
    Great VA!
  • Anturage Global Underground | Audiomatique | Heinz | Kittball | Definition:Music | Steyoyoke |Traum|
    Thanks guys)
  • Erick Key Highway Records / Dushe / Pleasure Garden Music
    супер, спасибо
  • Lorenzo Calvio Moodmusic
    Amazing compilation. Good work!
  • Bigasti Electronical Reeds / Kuukou Records
    Awesome VA! Thanks a lot
  • Anjei Thunderlab
    Yummmi yummi!
  • Denis Agamirov Russian World Music (RWM)
    Nice! Downloaded
  • Peter Makto Bondage Music, Cyclic, Heinz Music, Highway Records
    Great compilation, discovered again Sahar Z :)
  • Necto Lucas
    Superb compilation - all da tracks is cool !)))
  • Wyro
    rediscovered Sahar's tune, it's timeless!
  • Boguslavsky
    Great Pack, played most of them in 2016
  • Sami Wentz Defected, Strictly Rhythm, Noir Music
    I like the release, full support :)
  • Driss Skali
    Lots of good traks here !

    Thanks !
  • Melokolektiv Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, Highway recordings
    thanks for sharing !
  • Igor Dorohov Acryl music, Farplane, Pesto, UM, Deepology.
    Celebration & Rotary body! Excellent
  • Denite Diynamic, Get Physical, Noir Music
    Very nice release. Neonis and Sahar Z just to name a few. Very nice groove guys!! Good work. Thanks for the Music!
    Check it! Downloaded
  • Veleev
  • Alert RedBar /
  • Mikhail Kobzar Minim.all / Krad / Raro
  • Lunnar Obo&Hobos rec.
    Great! Thanks
  • Toshie NouVal
  • Andre P Leveldva
    thanks guys!
  • Simon Baring
    This sounds cracking! Looking forward to a proper listen
  • Simon Baring
    Modd Attaxia my fav so far... great energy towards the end...
  • Misha Tune Particles / Minim.all
    Nice Pack!
  • D. Tarasyuk FLOOR GROUP
    Good! Thx.
  • pdq
    thanks. pdq
  • Johny S.
    Great music pack! Thanks!
  • Igor Malyarevsky IM
  • Igor Malyarevsky IM
  • Danila Pautov
  • Stas Drive Suara, Selador, Chapter 24, MicroCastle, Einmusika, Sudbeat, Motek, Hope, Go Deeva, Manual Music
    Thanks for the promo, some of them really works for me, will try on the dancefloor for sure! ©  Cookies Policy

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