Highway Records presents Milestone Three - compilation of the best tracks and remixes, released by the label in the past 12 months. Milestone Three is selected by Mike Spirit and Spieltape and includes production by Hernan Cattaneo, Martin Dawson, Alex Niggemann, Ian Pooley, Hector, Chris Lattner and many other amazing artists.

BarBQ, Thierry Tomas, Sergey San

Martin Dawson, Asaga, Alex Nigge

Milestone Three (Compiled By Mik

Release date:
Deep House
BarBQ, Martin Dawson - Many Days
Thierry Tomas, Sergey Sanchez, Asaga - Keep U Happy
Alex Niggemann, Francys - People
Neil Quigley, Cari Golden, Tone Float - DWTD
Serge Que, JCB - Of My Body
Spieltape, Hector - Bag Of Bones
Dave Pad - Deep Elements
Asaga - Pressure Of The World
Alex Savanin, Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile - InFlight
BarBQ - Myself
Adriano Filippucci - Original State Of Mind
Marvin Zeyss, Dave Pad - Try To Understand
Neil Quigley, Alex Savanin - InFlight
Michael Mclardy - I Left My Tent
Francys, Ahmet Sisman, Nico Lahs - People
Paul2Paul - Summer On Earth
Chris Lattner, Marvin Zeyss - Running Nowhere
Ian Pooley, Thierry Tomas, Sergey Sanchez - Keep U Happy
uP & pG, David Kareyan, Asaga - Follow You
Spieltape - Bag Of Bones