Milestone Two, compiled and mixed by Mike Spirit and Spieltape, is a selection of the best tracks and remixes, recently released on Highway Records. This massive compilation includes production by such worldwide-known artists as Siopis, Hermanez, Pascal FEOS, Solee, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Den Ishu and many more. Milestone Two is also available as continuous DJ mix.

Spieltape, Mike Spirit, Modul, W

Siopis, Nikitin, Den Ishu, Herma

Milestone Two (Compiled & Mixed

Release date:
Tech House
Spieltape, Mike Spirit - Milestone Two
Modul, Siopis - Keegan
Wester, Nikitin - Stay
Agraba, Den Ishu - iMerica
Spieltape, Hermanez - Gimme Time
S.K.A.M., Grad, Rhadow - Mlevi mlevi
Da Funk - Kasama
Solee, Slideshow Park - Shining
SCSI-9, Pascal FEOS - Tierra del Fuego
Karol XVII & MB Valence, Datamode - I'm Your Captain
Francys - Crossing the White Line