Ukrainian projects Marcato & Tiny Toon, standing behind the label Sex Panda White, teamed up with South African urban poet Lazarusman (known for his collaborations with Stimming, Tigerskin and Djuma Soundsystem, to name a few) to present their debut release on Highway Records. Practice EP also includes remixes by deep house masters Hector Couto (Hot Creations, OFF, Pura Music) and Sasse (Moodmusic, Bedrock, My Favorite Robot).

Tiny Toon, Marcato, Lazarusman

Hector Couto, Sasse


Release date:
Deep House
Tiny Toon, Marcato, Lazarusman - Practice
Tiny Toon, Marcato, Lazarusman, Hector Couto - Practice
Tiny Toon, Marcato, Lazarusman, Sasse - Practice