Aldo Cadiz from Chile and Oscar Barila from Spain have a lot of great releases on such famous labels as Desolat, Kling Klong, Plastic City, Viva Music, etc. For Highway Records they prepared very special and long-awaited Satin EP with two original tech house bombs and remixes by Martin Eyerer, Mihai Popoviciu and Emde & Julio.

Aldo Cadiz, Oscar Barila

Martin Eyerer, Mihai Popoviciu,


Release date:
Tech House
Aldo Cadiz, Oscar Barila - Satin
Aldo Cadiz, Oscar Barila, Martin Eyerer - Satin
Aldo Cadiz, Oscar Barila - Offshare
Aldo Cadiz, Oscar Barila, Mihai Popoviciu - Offshare
Aldo Cadiz, Oscar Barila, Emde, Julio (Italy) - Satin