Highway Records presents 5th digital sampler Selekt, which includes 4 exclusivetracks by international artists. Cream resident Jemmy, whose tracks were used byDave Seaman in his compilations on Global Underground and Renaissance, opensSelekt with his epic "Monkey Island", already tested on Amnesia Ibiza dancefloorthis Summer. Russian newcomer Deep Square and Ukrainian talent Marcatopresent deep and twisted tracks "Madlai" and "Body And Soul". Marvin Zeyss,recently remixed by Maya Jane Coles on Brown Eyed Boyz, closes Selekt 05 withhis slo-mo "Jazzman".

Jemmy, Deep Square, Marcato, Mar

Selekt 05

Release date:
Deep House
Jemmy - Monkey Island
Deep Square - Madlai
Marcato - Body And Soul
Marvin Zeyss - Jazzman